The ‘Maternity Petition’

“Extend Maternity leave by 3 months with pay in light of covid-19”

That was the fundamental ask of the Maternity Petition. Without a global pandemic, extending Maternity Leave would be a big ask, but in light of Covid-19 it is essential.

Parents, and mothers in particular, have been disproportionately impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic. From juggling home school and working from home, to giving birth alone. Parents on Maternity/Paternity/Adoption leave have faced unique challenges in that not only has vital support not been available during lockdown, but also that expecting a transition back to work after an extended period of time off without childcare in place and a baby just learning to walk by their side is wholly unrealistic. Faced with this, many new parents have felt they are faced with no option but to take unpaid leave at the end of their Maternity leave, or quit their jobs altogether. Not only does this have impact on their household finances for many families, but also poses a huge risk to the maternal employment rate. Even a small drop in the maternal employment rate would have devastating impact on the economy, and take decades to recover from.

We know that this year has been tough for everyone, but not acting now and providing this much needed support would be disastrous for parent AND the economy. Not acting now risks the economy. Not acting now risks an increase in mental health issues and suicides. Not acting now risks our countries’ children. Protect our future and act now.

View the Maternity Petition report here:

Emailing your mp

Emailing your MP can make a real impact by informing them about the issues you, as their constituent are facing, and letting them about the matters that the people who vote for them care about. Email your MP to gain their support of the Maternity Petition. Please use the below example email and edit this for your own circumstances.

Press Release

Attached below is the most recent press release, detailing a timeline of events. Please share with your MP’s and share on social media platforms like Twitter. This contains details of the Maternity Petition, and all of the latest facts and figures. This will be continually updated as and when there are any updates to the Maternity Petition

Real-life stories

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“It seems a ‘reasonable” request to extend Statutory Maternity Pay given the impact coronavirus is having on new parents”

The House of Commons Petitions Committee

Extend Maternity leave by 3 months in light of covid-19