Reform the Childcare System

The childcare sector is on its knees, with many settings running at a loss. Parents are struggling to afford childcare. Struggling to return to work without the childcare they need. If we want to “build back better”, then we need to start with the childcare sector.

So what do we propose?

A sliding scale of funding based on household income. Those on lower incomes will be eligible for more funded hours. Irrespective of their child’s age. Those on higher incomes will be eligible for less hours. To avoid higher income families being exploited, place a reasonable cap on the price per hour of childcare, set at a level that would allow childcare settings to run at a profit. We recognise that extensive consultation would need to take place with the early years sector to understand the level they would need.

Lets help the childcare sector. Lets help parents and guardians. Lets help the country get back on its feet.


Click the below link to visit the UK Government Petitions site, and sign the petition to Reform the Childcare System.

Parent Survey


Childcare provider Survey


Let’s build something together.