Parenthood matters is a campaign and action group aimed at improving the lives of families in the UK.

Parenthood Matters was started in August 2020 by the lead campaigners of the Maternity Petition. The Maternity Petition campaign’s overall goal was to extend Maternity, Paternity, and adoption leave for parents affected by Covid-19, but it also included measures such as redundancy protection for parents returning from leave, mental health support, and the extension of the medical exemption certificate for new parents. The government rejected nearly all of the measures, and those they did support would only be implemented once parliamentary time allowed. The Maternity Petition campaigners thought long and hard about what to do next and how to keep fighting for the support families needed, and so Parenthood Matters was born.

Parenthood Matters has various causes and campaigns that it supports, some of which you can find out about on the ‘Campaigns’ page. We also hope that we can inspire other parents, and women in particular, to get involved in campaigning and politics. Maybe, if we are able to get more of us to stand up and fight for what we believe in, and in the rooms where the decisions are made, we will be able to improve things for the families of Great Britain.

Beth is mum to Maisie Niamh, and wife to Tom. Maisie was born via emergency C Section in November 2019. They had a tricky time, and both mum and baby were poorly. Thankfully after a hospital stay and lots of antibiotics, they both recovered.

As we discussed what was next after the Maternity Petition, Beth came up with the bright idea to start a campaign group called Parenthood Matters. She had caught the bug for campaigning and wanted to keep fighting to improve the situations that many families find themselves in up and down the country. Through various late night discussions, Parenthood Matters evolved into what you see today. We are excited about what is to come .

Beth has political aspirations and is passionate about empowering more women to stand up and get involved in politics. Watch this space.

Bethany Power is a working Mum who is married and lives in Kent, UK. After 2.5 years to conceive she had her first child – a boy who arrived in late November 2019. Her baby was born into a world pandemic ‘Covid-19’. In March 2020 Bethany started a Maternity & Parental Leave Campaign via a Parliament Petition “Extend maternity leave by 3 months with pay in light of COVID-19” that reached over 237,000, along side a changeorg petition; that reached over 35,000 signatures. This was aimed at improving conditions and protection for; pregnant, new mums, parents, adopters, babies, neonatal care and health visiting care. In 2020’s world pandemic, parents on Maternity and Parental Leave were faced with no support and denied every coronavirus job retention scheme (CJRS).

Bethany has noticed many gaps in the Early Year Sector and now wants to help shorten those gaps to help many parents and babies receive the best start in life


Bethan is a single mum to Chase, who she welcomed into the world in November via C-Section. Bethan also had a tough start and a difficult recovery, made harder by Post Natal Depression and anxiety. She also became a single mum when Chase was only 8 weeks old and then faced Covid-19 and the national lockdown as a single parent. Bethan was lucky to be able to form a support bubble with her sister, which meant she was kept extremely busy making memories with Chase and helping her sister with childcare for her Niece and Nephew.

Bethan is now learning to balance being a single parent and a working mum, in the career she has worked hard at for many years. Bethan was passionate about being part of the Maternity Petition campaign and being a voice for new mums struggling as she was, so she jumped at the chance of building Parenthood Matters and helping where she can.

Lorraine is mum to Emmett, who she welcomed in October 2019 after a 3 year long fertility journey, thanks to the medication Clomid.

She had a challenging year of Maternity Leave. Although she loved every minute with Emmett, she struggled mentally with the Covid-19 lockdown due to the lack of support, anxiety, and no rest bite. This led her to find and support the maternity petition, and in turn make virtual friends with the other mums who now work together on ‘Parenthood Matters’

Lorraine loves what she does, and has worked hard to progress in her chosen career. She is returning as Head of Security and Governance for a Finance company, which is going to be challenging as she juggles being a Mum and full time work.